Saturday, August 21, 2004

What Do We Want in Kenya?

What do Kenyan people want?

Some people say we want "change."

But what kind of change and why?

During the time of Moi, some people thought that Moi was the problem, so when they talked of change, they meant "Moi Must Go."

Well, after the December 27, 2002 elections, KANU, Uhuru Kenyatta and Moi were swept away from the centre stage of Kenyan politics following a huge loss during elections that year.

Moi is no longer the President but millions of Kenyans still want "change."

What is wrong with the government of President Mwai Kibaki?

Some people say that they do not like the government because there are too many Gikuyus, Merus and Embus in it.

Other people say that they do not like the government because there are too many old people in it.

Many women do not like the government because it is full of men.

Some religious communities feel excluded.

But are these reasons valid?

What do you think?

Welcome to Chuo Cha Mapambano!

Our hope is that this will be like an online school for Kenyan activists. The curriculum is based on two main ingredients:

(1) Marxism-Leninism.

(2) Kenyan history and contemporary developments.

We decided to start this school in cyberspace after realizing that many sincere Kenyan activists have a very poor grasp of theory and ideology and are often clueless about international struggles with a lot relevance for Kenya.

This is a Open Learning Space and we welcome input from whichever source- reserving our right to reject trash, provocation and obvious signs of acute psychosis, paranoia and plain old cyberkookiness. Crackpots, Flamers, Trolls, Clones and Multiple Handle Owners- Keep Out! You are NOT welcome here....

With that short intro- let us start building our resources.

Onyango Oloo